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Gluten-free pasta Magnatera is a brand born from an idea of Pangea, to develop its own gluten-free pasta recipes in order to guarantee quality every day. Our brand Magnatera was created by our expert to assure the quality of the traditions and the natural ingredients used, like ancient grains, legumes, spices, organics products, …

We serve the consumer directly with the specialties of the Magnatera line, offering a pasta based on naturally perfumed flours, tasty and colorful doughs, to rediscover the taste of the tradition of genuine and delicious food. We DO NOT use additives, sugars, emulsifiers and dyes. We only use organic, GMO-free and GMO-free flours.

This kind of pasta is suitable not only for those who are always attentive to the foods they choose and the diet they follow, but also for those people that are suffering from celiac disease and for all people that who care for health, starting from the table without giving up!

Our brand Magnatera for gluten-free pasta represents the evolution of traditional gluten-free pasta, as it combines traditional flours (corn, rice, buckwheat, quinoa …) with other functional products of great nutritional character such as, for example, whole grains, legume flours, spices, algae, essential oils etc … It is now certain that nutrition and health are inextricably linked and for this reason, we have created useful foods for our well-being, without sacrificing taste gratification. Our goal is to satisfy all palates; whether they are refined, traditional, simple or always looking for new flavors.


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Pasta Magnatera is a healthy alternative suitable for each of us, which allows us to share the simple daily moments of life with

the same taste for everyone!Celiachia




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